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Doug Kelkhoff

Statistical Programmer Analyst
Berkeley, CA
Data scientist and bioengineer currently helping to launch a data analytics arm of Genentech's Statistical Programming & Analysis department

Passionate about reproducibility, science communication, discoverable code, personalized healthcare and -omic data analysis.
Wednesday, June 21

1:30pm PDT

2:06pm PDT

2:42pm PDT

2:54pm PDT

3:40pm PDT

4:16pm PDT

4:52pm PDT

Thursday, June 22

8:45am PDT

9:35am PDT

10:40am PDT

10:52am PDT

11:28am PDT

2:00pm PDT

2:07pm PDT

2:15pm PDT

2:51pm PDT

3:03pm PDT

3:15pm PDT

3:45pm PDT

4:21pm PDT

4:57pm PDT

5:21pm PDT

Friday, June 23

10:40am PDT

11:16am PDT

11:40am PDT

1:30pm PDT

1:42pm PDT

2:18pm PDT

2:30pm PDT

2:42pm PDT

2:54pm PDT

3:40pm PDT